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BeSpecialty constantly vary the single origin coffees we have on the bar at Ground. Each single origin will be roasted to highlight particular charcteristics in that coffee. The coffees profile is more pronounced when enjoyed black however they are equally enjoyable with milk.


• Roast: Medium (espresso coffee)

• Region: *Sinlge origin coffees are constantly on rotation on the bar at Ground Coffee. 


Current S.O:


1) Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, Edido - FILTER 

  • Variety: Mixed heirloom
  • Altitude: 1950 - 2100 masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Notes: Velvety body, grape like acidity, strawberry, milk chocolate, pistachio


2) Guatemala, Antigua, Pastores - FILTER

  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1600 masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Notes: Creamy body, low acidity, cherry, milk chocolate, plumb


3) Guatemala, Chimaltenango, San Martin - ESPRESSO 

  • Variety: Bourbon and Typica
  • Altitude: 1830 masl
  • Process: Washed
  • Notes: Brown sugar, aromatic spice, orange peel  
    • With milk - Dried fruit, walnut and cola




250 Grams
Excluding GST
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