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A metropolitan paradise.

A bright and beautiful space inside the iconic 205 Queen St with easy entry from Queen Street, Victoria Street, Darby Street and Elliot Street. 

Ground Coffee finds itself in the perfect location for those who just need a minute, or ten, away from the hustle and bustle of Queen Street to enjoy expertly crafted coffee along with delicious house made food.


"Let our daily grind brighten your daily grind"

Our Coffee

Our Method

We have two Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinders and an Mahlkonig EK43s so that we can can deliver a coffee experience tailored to your coffee drinking preference. We extract our coffee and steam milk using our La Marzocco Linea PB. This machine is named in honour of the son of La Marzocco Founder Giuseppe Bambi and designer of the iconic Linea model machine.


Our Beans

Golden Point Blend
Our go-to for milky beverages. Comprising Colombian Popayan Reserve, Guatemalan Huehuetengo and Ethiopia Limu, this blend delivers rich full body with bright acidity and notes of almond, apricot and vanilla cream. The taste shines through the milk base to deliver a rewarding, complex taste experience.

Single Origin Espresso
For our espresso, long black and americano drinks we enjoy our best coffees by extracting shots from selected single origin beans. We like to have fun with our single origin coffees and so every month we embark on another new adventure. For November and December we have a coffee from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  We love this because this washed, processed coffee delivers a bright acidity, notes of grapefruit, candy, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Single Origin Filter
For our filter coffees we use Moccamaster brewers.  Handbuilt in the Netherlands these brewers have a global reputation as the reference standard for the highest quality filter coffee. We are constantly experimenting with single origin beans.  The joy of filter coffee is that it highlights the specific characteristics, letting the profile shine through.  For November and December we have selected a coffee from Columbia, Rafael Amaya. Using a lactic natural process method the producer pushes the boundries in coffee processing.  With this coffee in particular you can expect complex aromatics and sweetness, notes of golden kiwi fruit, cinnamon and feijoa.

Be surprised, be delighted.  You can have a that extra coffee and avoid the jitters.  We love our decaf and you will too.  The producers took their Colombian Popayan Reserve and decaffinated it in sugar cane water on the plantation. Suitable for both and white and black recipies the notes of caramel and orange peel deliver a bright zesty experience.

Our Food

A Mother's Touch


We set ourselves the target of presenting food as good as mother used to make. So we did just that. Christine (Sam's mother) bakes the majority of the food sold in the cafe. You can taste and see the love and passion that goes in to her food. This is why we choose to use her products. With experience in highly reputable kitchens in Europe and New Zealand Christine delivers quality without compromise. 


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